Rug Washing

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Get your muddy hairy rugs looking like new again, great value repairs also undertaken so you can save money on having to buy expensive new rugs, free quotes

I can also collect and deliver your rugs back to for a small fee to cover fuel

Turnout wash                                                                                                £9.50

Turnout Combo wash                                                                                 £10.50

Turnout Wash and Reproof                                                                       £16.50

Turnout Combo Wash and Reproof                                                         £18.50

Turnout Neck Cover Wash                                                                         £7.50

Turnout Neck Cover Wash and Reproof                                                 £8.50

Stable Wash                                                                                                   £9.50

Stable Rug Combo Wash                                                                            £10.50

Stable Rug Neck Cover Wash                                                                    £7.50

Thermavive Wash                                                                                        £12.00

Fly Rug Wash                                                                                                £8.50

Cooler Rug Wash (sweat rug, fleece)                                                       £7.50

Duvet Wash                                                                                                    £9.50

Travel Boots set Wash                                                                                 £7.50

Numnahs Wash                                                                                              £3.50

Girths Wash                                                                                                    £2.50

Fly Guard for fly sheets lasts upto 4 months                                          £18.20

De-hairing                                                                                                        £FREE

Quotes                                                                                                              £FREE


Leather repairs also available please ask for details

All rugs are collected on Thursdays and returned the following Thursday

prices correct as of  jan 2011

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